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    The Laboratory

    Leon L.H.
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    The Laboratory Empty The Laboratory

    Post by Leon L.H. on Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:12 am

    The Laboratory 2hy9jxk

    This is the Laboratory, well the logo of Laboratory. This is the place where a beautiful female doctor lives. Rumor goes, shes the one who is responsible for making the candy town and the candy people. Of course, no one knows how she does it except for Hexel but as the population of candy town increases, in certain towns their population decreases. No one except for Hexel saw this beautiful doctor, but if you do see her you better run or she will make candy out of you!

    Oh! and here is another rumor. It says Hexel is making some kind of weird candies. Maybe he wants to make his own underground organization!

    The Laboratory 16hp6ph

    This is the Beautiful doctor who lives in the Lab. Hexel calls her Doctor CookieStein, but she prefers to be called as Jasmine the Sexy One. She may look innocent but she is smart and kin like a fox.

    Endurance- 10

    Finesse- 0

    Intelligence- 300

    Reflex- 50

    Speed- 50

    Strength- 10

    Skill Mastery- 3

    Haki Level- 3

    Ability: World of Cookie, Cookie Monster, Cookie Hug


    The Laboratory 2w3yr91

    These little fellas can't talk normal English but they are smart enough to assist the Doctor with her inventions.

    Endurance- 10

    Finesse- 10

    Intelligence- 30

    Reflex- 10

    Speed- 10

    Strength- 10

    Skill Mastery- 1

    Haki Level- 1


    The Laboratory Oqgnjl
    This is call the candy, well AKA LH-500 Hexel likes to call it. It's a latest invention Doctor CookieStein created. It haven't yet to reveal itself to the world but rumor goes it will make anyone who eats it angry and gain super human strength. So far, human test haven't been done, well.. yet.


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