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Private Islands

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Private Islands

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El Candy-Rado [Owned By: Leon. L.H.]

El Candy-Rado [Owned By: Leon. L.H.]Have you ever heard of city of gold, El Dorado? Well rumor goes there is a island made of candies. Mountains are made of sweet candies, rivers are made with milk, trees are made of marshmellow, and lava are made of chocolate syrups. There is a big river in the middle of the island and in it, there sits the house that is big enough for 20 family members. For some reason the house and river are the only part of the island not made out of candy.

89Private Islands 81-23The Laboratory...
Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:12 am
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Sonorous Island [Owned By: Leo D Morgan ]

Sonorous Island [Owned By: Leo D Morgan ]It is a rocky island with many caves and forests. It is almost always raining outside. There are two main cities on two mountains near the center of the island. Both cities contained life at one point now only the smaller city on the left is occupied. The town on the bigger mountain was deserted due to frequent Lightning storms. Cities are connected by one very very large bridge. There is one Mansion in the Bigger town that is deserted. The caves have many Underground lakes, that hold many creatures and secrets. The forests are dense and swampy. Hence the living on the stable mountains. Population is about 350 on this Island.

11Private Islands Sad_zps29afc380Sonorous Island ...
Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:53 am
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Twilight Island [Owned By: Azure Snow]

Twilight Island [Owned By: Azure Snow]This Ancient Island Rests within the darkness where the Moon is always full and glows with power. The only way to get to this Island is to go through the Twilight Gate which is summoned by a Magical Key called Twilight Awakening. With the intention of opening the gateway the key glows a White and awakens the gate to sail towards twilight Island. the Island is smooth, yet rocky and many odd creatures live here. A Glimmering Castle of both Dark and Light Towers high in the sky and held within are many strange places to explore. Out of the castle is a town known as Twilight Town where Odd creatures not seen in the normal world live. This Island works as a quick escape from reality to a fantasy land full of wonders.

11Private Islands AzureSnowfin_zps14ac1b71Island Descripti...
Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:47 pm
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Palatial Island [Owned By: Azure Snow]

Palatial Island [Owned By: Azure Snow]This Sturdy Island has One Giant Crater filled with a massive city of Trade, Tournaments, and many other Wonders that would make beings from all over the world travel to this popular island. The Crater is Surrounded by a massive mountain range known as the Prayer Peaks, they act as a great defense for the City seeing as there is only four paths that can take you to the Grand City called Merchants Haven. The paths come from the four small Port towns, One Lies in the North, another in the South, and the last two in the East and West. The Path is made of Sturdy Yellow stone that is embedded into the ground permanently; surely this Path is one of four that will lead you straight to the City Square. The four paths lead through what is called the Flat lands where many Large oak and other trees have stood for as long as time can remember. The Flat Lands Hold many different creatures such as Wild horse, Dogs, Cats, and Many species of bird. Once through the Flat lands you must go through the Colorful decorated Caves of Prayer Peaks to only find yourself at the top of the Crater which overlooks the Many large and small buildings of Merchant Haven. Last but not least you will see a Massive Castle that towers the Peaks; This place is For Study and Training in the many different ways of the world From swordsman ship to Navigation and Trade, this is a place where anyone and everyone can come and feel at home while they perfect their arts.

11Private Islands AzureSnowfin_zps14ac1b71Island Descripti...
Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:17 am
Azure Snow View latest post
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Emanate Island [Owned By: Azure Snow]

Emanate Island [Owned By: Azure Snow]On this Island it is always Night time and almost everything Glows in a Neon color. Rocky Shores surround the entire island except for the front where you dont have to journey to far to find a Massive neon glowing Colosseum. the skies are lit with colorful light that dances for all to see and the Many fungi of the island glow in the same neon color. Those who journey here usually come for the Grand Tournaments or the Gladiator games that are held here often. there is a great rain forest that holds many creatures and many caves that go deep beneath the island; In the caves or in the forest, Crystals provide light to lead the way. The island welcomes all who wish to travel to it but beware of the countless dangers this island holds.

779Private Islands AzureSnowfin_zps14ac1b71 Dark Blue Cryst...
Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:13 am
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Arctic Island [Owned By: Yedidiyah]

Arctic Island [Owned By: Yedidiyah]This island is a frozen paradise that has an immense amount of beauty pouring from it. There are a unique group of different species of plants an animals. The extreme low temperatures cause for only the hardiest of those who attempt to endure to survive. There are huge network of underground caves and caverns. They are filled with mystery as no one has every been able to enter and leave, let alone explore it fully. This place used to be run by the powerful Queen Shiva. However she had met her first match and defeat at the hands of Yedidiyah who took over the island. However yedidiyah being humble and wise, knew he could share the island evenly with the queen and have her to help protect it while he was away. The queen accepted this offer and formed an alliance with Yedidiyah because of his kindness. Together they formed the strongest Mafia family known to man as simply, "The Congelamento Family". Yedidiyah was made the Godfather of the family, and Shiva still holds the title as Queen over the whole island.

33Private Islands 170-42Queen Shiva's Ca...
Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:32 am
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Solemn Island [Owned By: Gray]

Solemn Island [Owned By: Gray]Solemn Island is in fact a fairly large continent, and in its entirety, a possession of the Gardwen Kingdom. The island consists of mostly boreal forests, minus the populated areas. The capital of Gardwen Kingdom, Gardwall, is located on the west coast. The entire city of Gardwall is built on a slope, and the slope ends with a sheer drop cliff. At the edge of the cliff is the Grand Castle of Gardwall, where the Gardwen royal family resides. Gardwall is a hub for trade between many surrounding countries, and it is a grand city with almost all facilities available. The Gardwen Kingdom is independent from The World Government, and thus, it houses its own military. It is also a great attraction for tourists and adventurers alike. Pirates are a common sight on the island, but they are kept in check by the royal guards. There are many smaller towns and villages scattered throughout the island that belong to the Gardwen Kingdom, but Gardwall is the only city of great significance.

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Olympus Island [Owned By: Axel Rover]

Olympus Island [Owned By: Axel Rover]Island Is OpenTo All! Olympus Island is an Island with infinite opportunities, as it is as big as a country, and it is not exactly located in one place, for it mysteriously pops up in every sea once in a while, so anyone has a chance of encountering it. It Home to thousands of humans, and multiple other races and creatures, some not seen anywhere else. Most who have been known to travel this island have never come back, either too content with a portion of the Island they deem amazing, or killed in a portion of the island known to be deadly. Some of the nicest people around are located on this island, while some of the craziest people are also located on it. It is a mixed package, so basically, whatever you face is based on were you dock, and on the Island, there are four docks. North, South, East, and West dock. On the island, there is a legend that says a god originally formed the island with it's power, and still resides on the island, hidden somewhere. However, it is also said that the god formed five keys and placed them around the island, and anyone who finds the key and keeps it in there grasp requires the information to help them find the secret domain of the god and open the door to it. The five keyholders are known as 'The Five Knights of Olympus.' They are highly respected, but most people still find it hard to believe the story of the keys, so some constantly try to steal them from there holders. It is this reason why the five that hold them are considered the strongest on the island, since they can stop anyone else from getting there key.


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