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    Gisen's Scimitar Registration


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    Gisen's Scimitar Registration Empty Gisen's Scimitar Registration

    Post by Gisen on Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:57 am

    Equipment Name: Silence and Despair
    Equipment Level: Level 1
    Equipment Type: Dual Scimitars
    Equipment Description:


    Gisen's Scimitar Registration Sword10

    Two of the blade that is laying on the floor, with chains hanging off the hilt and interlocking gears near the hilt for each one. The dual scimitars serve to help the user in dealing damages involving cuts and stabs on a target by means of hack and slash. The dual scimitars can be combined, forming a blade that works like a scissor, thus was named the scissor blade upon having the two scimitars combined. Hence, the usage of the interlocking gears.

    Equipment Significance:

    These are the two swords that Gisen has been using ever since she was taught by her mother. They have been kept in the greatest condition, because to her they are the two most important things she has left in the world. To put it simple, the dual scimitars are Gisen’s pair of weapons, and that the dual scimitars hold sentimental values for her.

    Equipment Strength:

    - While the dual scimitar is in separate mode, they are quick and agile.

    - The scimitars, when in scissor blade mode, has a significant increase in terms of power and strength, helping the user in causing greater damage on a target.

    - The dual scimitars, while in separate mode can have two varying uses. Which is, the user can use one for offensive moves, and the another for defensive moves.

    Equipment Weaknesses:

    - The dual scimitars may be fast in their separate mode, but is in disadvantage when it comes to dealing hard blows, because when a mode of the blades is better in speed, the other will be better in dealing damages.

    -Whilst the scissor blade is stronger than the separated scimitars mode, it is disadvantageous when it comes to speed, for said reason.

    - when using one for offensive and another for defensive, the user is at risk of losing one of the dual scimitars, thus will not be able to access scissor blade mode which is way effective in dealing hard damage on a target.

    - Despite the scissor blade’s strength, it can only cause dents towards shields or armors of levels higher than it. For the separate scimitars mode, they can only cause scratches on said shields and armors, the only exception being they are way faster than the scissor blade when it comes to leaving said marks on the shields and armors.

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    Gisen's Scimitar Registration Empty Re: Gisen's Scimitar Registration

    Post by Charlotte on Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:07 pm


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