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    Enjoying the heat or dying in it?

    Raion Hayate
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    Enjoying the heat or dying in it? Empty Enjoying the heat or dying in it?

    Post by Raion Hayate on Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:16 pm

    Raion was use to rather tropical island conditions seeing as his home island had been one, the sun would shine down with such welcoming warms but the mass amount of trees would provide sufficient shade for all the people of the Hayate clan, the only time one would find themselves overheated is if they had fallen asleep on the beach. With the fact that the ocean was right next to the beach was a simple solution to said problem however. Raion currently found himself in the heart of Alabasta which to him seemed like the desert from hell, there was no water nearby and it hadn't seemed to have rained there in far too long. Raion had been taking a stroll through town with Phoenix, really the two just got bored so they figured they'd stroll around town and possibly scout a few things out, maybe even make a few purchases while they were out. Going through the merchant area of Alabasta, Raion wore his usual clothing which consisted of rather tribal and 'stand-out-ish' clothing though he concealed it with a plain brown cloak, partly to shield his body from being burnt by the sun. On his back was his massive buster sword, strapped in the position he normally wore it on so that it was always battle ready, he was never the type of person to be unprepared for battle, it was one of the few things he lived for.

    Raion Glanced over at Phoenix wondering what he was thinking, he'd said very few things since they decided to check a few things out which left Rai anxious. "Hey... so what's the plan here? What exactly are were looking out for while were on this walk?" Raion said to him in an inquisitive manner, every now and then taking a glance to his right as he was standing on the right side of Phoenix, in order to look at some of the merchant stands and what they had to offer. Raion really wanted to find a better grade sword but one exactly like his, he specialized in the use of massive weapons, he considered himself a powerhouse. While the two walked side by side Rai's attention was bound to bounce from place to place, he was never really great at being attentive if he was 'bored' but once he knew what they were really doing he would get excited and focus on the goal.

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